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In BAC One-Eleven terms Richard Church is "a true legend"! Over a period of nearly 50 years he has recorded more about the aircraft than anyone else on the planet! If it wasn't for his dedication to the aircraft it simply wouldn't have been possible to present such a comprehensive website about the amazing history of this Classic British Airliner. Therefore in acknowledgement of his incredible contribution to the One-Eleven I've created this special feature which includes a complete update to his original book which was published by Air Britain in 1994.


How did you become interested in the 1-11?

I had become interested in British civil airliners and airlines from the time I started going to grammar school in East Sheen in 1953. Several of us there took great interest in the airliners on approach to Heathrow and started noting the registrations as they flew over. In those days most airliners carried their registrations very large under the wing and you could read them with the naked eye. I later used to cycle to LHR before school on logging trips. My second job was with BEA at Heathrow which I joined in 1963, the year the One-Eleven first flew. I remained with them and BA for forty-three years, and so my interest grew into recording the detailed histories of the type and its operators. With a colleague at BEA I wrote a history of the HS748 which was published in 1986 which entailed many trips to Manchester/Woodford/Chadderton visiting both BAe and Dan-Air Engineering at Ringway delving through aircraft log books and records. We regularly flew in One-Elevens on the shuttle back-ups frequently in the jump seats and quite often saw some quite exotic One-Elevens which went to Dan-Air for maintenance.

What inspired you to write a book on the subject?

After the 748 book, I was asked if I would be interested to cover the One-Eleven by Air-Britain (Historians) Ltd and I jumped at the chance, this just expanded my special interest into another British airliner type both of which were powered by British engines.

How many flights have you had on the aircraft?

Only 37 starting in 1967 and 1968 on BUA Series 200s and later in Series 400s and 500s and a single flight in a Series 475. I missed out on the Series 300s.

What has been your most memorable 1-11 moment?

I guess it was in the 475 G-AZUK of British Air Ferries from Berlin-Tegel to Birmingham in the P3 seat while I was invited to take a P3 seat ride by one of Maersk Air's Captains on the round trip from Birmingham to Lyons in G-AWYS in 1998. Sadly this skipper is no longer with us but he was a real professional and really loved the One-Eleven. Maersk Air, late in the type's use, fitted their One-Elevens in probably their most luxurious form with four abreast Club Europe seats up front and I had the pleasure of a flight in row 1 of G-BBMG between Belfast and Birmingham having earlier flown in row 1 out to Belfast in G-AWYS on the same day. The One-Eleven always gave a very smooth ride in all weathers especially if you were lucky enough to be at the front of the aircraft.

Having witnessed 50 years of 1-11 operations what would your final thoughts be regarding its place in aviation history / its success / failure etc?

It was the UK's last all British jet airliner (airframe and engine) and was only exceeded by the Viscount in numbers sold but I suspect in value easily surpassed it.
After a spectacularly bad start to the type's career, it soon became remarkably reliable and sold all over the world with several major customers in the USA. It led the way in a two crew cockpit for jet airliners which of course has now become standard. In BEA service they were thrown straight into the Berlin-Tempelhof IGS services from delivery new, flying up to twelve sectors a day with twenty minute turnarounds with a degree of technical and operational reliability unknown before. In BEA/BA service the type flew over a million hours without a single passenger fatality which says it all. However, as a testament to the strength of the airframe the history of Philippine Airlines RP-C1184 cannot be bettered. This aircraft had a bomb explode in the rear toilet in flight on two separate occasions blowing off part of the cabin roof and survived both incidents to fly again although the bomber was killed on both occasions.

And is there anything else you would like to add?

During my research over many years I have met some quite remarkable people associated with the type and they have all been most enthusiastic in helping me and singing the type's praises.




The One-Eleven Story


Since the publication of the original book, many changes have taken place with One-Eleven operators and their aircraft.  Much additional information has also come to light concerning earlier details.  A large proportion of this has been gleaned over the years by Steve Burland who has maintained his own comprehensive records on One-Elevens.  Steve's generosity in making this information available is very much appreciated and helps to give much more comprehensive detail to the individual histories of many One-Elevens.  It mainly concerns activities at Hurn while other details have been obtained by him from former employees of BAC/BAe who still work or reside in the Bournemouth area.  Another source of information has been from the sadly late Captain 'Paddy' Cormican and also Captain Ralph Kohn who, during their long flying careers, spent much time flying One-Elevens both in commercial service and ferrying and training foreign crews throughout the world on behalf of the British Aircraft Corporation.  Roy Radford, the renowned BAC test pilot, has recently made available his flying log books for me to peruse and has been a great host talking about his long career. Much additional information was gleaned from these books.  Another source of information has been Captain Ian Bashall who spent many years flying the type for BEA, Mediterranean Express, Maersk Air and AB Airlines and training other operator’s crews, air testing and ferrying.  Delving into the logbooks and the memories of these four gentlemen has been quite enlightening.  Full details are shown in other sections of this update but a brief résumé of the changes is as follows.

In South America the last two scheduled operators of the type have both ceased operating them.  Ladeco retired its last One-Eleven on 31Dec94.  Two of the aircraft are on display at the Museum of Aeronautics in Santiago.  Austral Líneas Aéreas operated its last schedule on 23Oct94, so ending twenty-seven years of operations with the type to the very day.  Over the years the company flew 317,789 hours with its Series 500 aircraft and 111,215 hours with its Series 400s amounting to a grand total of 429,004 hours.  All but four of the Series 500s were reduced to spares.  One aircraft is preserved as a ground trainer with the INAC at Morón, a second is with the fire school at the same location while the remaining two were sold to European Aviation Ltd after one of the aircraft was flown very briefly by a subsidiary company named 'Air Patagonia'.  The fire school aircraft is expected to be exhibited at the Museo Nacional de Aeronáutica de Argentina at Morón after restoration.  The last passenger airline operator of the type in the Americas, Tikal Jets of Guatemala, doubled its fleet to two Series 401AKs in Aug96 and operated throughout Central America and the Caribbean on charter work together with scheduled routes from Guatemala City to Flores and San Pedro Sula until both were withdrawn in early 2003.

In Asia the stored Philippine Airlines fleet has finally been disposed of.  Two of the aircraft were ferried to European Aviation Ltd at Hurn while the rest were reduced to spares.  AERO ASIA of Pakistan continued to fly its fleet of Romanian built Series 561RCs on domestic schedules and international services to the Gulf States, the fleet being expanded to six aircraft but later reduced to four.  None now fly.  Three have been stored at Karachi and one in Bucharest Otopeni for many years.  Indonesia Air Transport commenced operations with a single Series 475 in the executive charter role in Dec94 and expanded its fleet to four aircraft with an additional Series 475 and two Series 400s before selling one the Series 475s in Oct98.  The RAFO in Oman continued to fly its three immaculate Series 485GDs for thirty-five years although two Airbus A320s have been added to replace them with a third due in 2011.  The first was retired at the end of Aug08, the second in early Mar09 and the third in late Jun10.

In Africa further expansion of One-Eleven operations took place.  Nationwide Air of South Africa increased its fleet to eleven aircraft.  These were used both on scheduled and charter work though by the beginning of 2003 only one aircraft remained in service and this was withdrawn in Jan04.  The fleet comprised five Series 400s (one a pure freighter) and six Series 500s.  In Zaire, Express City/Congo Airlines operated a fleet of three ex British Airways Series 500s from late 1994 though it is reported that they are now withdrawn from service.  News from Nigeria has been somewhat Spartan.  Another nail in the coffin for One-Eleven operations came on 04May02 when c/n 266 crashed soon after take-off from Kano in Nigeria.  This led the Nigerian CAA to ground the type pending investigations but further restrictions imposed here on older aircraft brought a permanent end to operations.  It has been alleged that operating techniques used by some Nigerian operators of One-Elevens did not conform to BAe’s laid down procedures and that maintenance procedures left a lot to be desired.  Most of the early large fleet of One-Elevens registered in this country had already been withdrawn by this time and are either stored or derelict. Most noteable is the fact that the entire fleet of nineteen Okada Air 1-11s are now in storage / derelict at Benin City! Several new Nigerian carriers had more recently started operating the type prior to the grounding.  These were EAS Airlines Ltd which took delivery of five Series 500s between Oct98 and Jul01.  Chrome Air Services which took delivery of a Series 525FT passenger aircraft and a Series 487GK pure freighter in Mar and Apr99, Albarka Air Services which took delivery of a Series 520FN, a Series 518FG and an executive Series 401AK in Feb00 followed by a Series 525FT in Jul00 while Oriental Airlines had taken delivery of three Series 500s in passenger and a Series 475 in executive configuration.  In December 2000 Chanchangi Airlines took delivery of two former European Aircharter Series 510EDs while Savannah Airlines received a Series 523FJ and a Series 530FX from the same source in November 2001.  Kabo Air had added three corporate Series 400s.  ADC Airlines ceased One-Eleven operations after writing off its last operational aircraft in Jul97 while it is reported that GAS Airlines and Hold-Trade Air Services had both ceased flying by Jul97.  Another new airline was Comet which was due to accept a Srs.525FT from TAROM late in 2000 but failed to do so.  Two vintage former BUA Series 201ACs had been flying with Rwanda Airlines and Air Katanga though the former is now in store in South Africa and the other is now grounded.

In Europe, European Aviation Ltd considerably expanded its fleet which reached a peak of sixteen operational aircraft in summer 1998 though by Sep00 this had been reduced to ten.  These were leased to many UK based airlines including Jersey European Airlines Ltd, British Airways plc, British Regional Airlines Ltd, Debonair Ltd, EasyJet Ltd, Air UK Ltd, Euroscot Express, Maersk Air Ltd, Manx Airlines Ltd, Cityflyer Express Ltd and the Air Bristol group while the company had found some success in leasing aircraft in Europe to SABENA, Air France, CityJet Ltd, Fly European of Sweden, Ryanair Ltd, Virgin Express and Air Liberté.  The airline was awarded a Ministry of Defence contract in Nov97 for the movement of military personnel and their families between the United Kingdom and Germany.  The first service under this contract took place on 02Apr98.  The engineering arm of this airline embarked on a programme of upgrading the aircraft.  First positive signs of a new Stage 3 hush kitting programme were evident in Jul98 when proof of concept flight testing of a Series 400 aircraft began in Florida while ground running a Series 510 followed later in the same month.  European Aviation Ltd and Quiet Technology BAC 1-11 Ltd (QTB), a division of Quiet Technology Venture Ltd of Florida USA, who were jointly promoting the system, confirmed that noise levels came well within Stage 3 limits while a fuel burn increase of 3% over that of the Stage 2 equipped aircraft is a lot less than at first thought likely.  The kit comprised a new nose cowl acoustic lining of carbon graphite and Nomex honeycomb sandwich, a 12 lobe fluted exhaust mixer nozzle and a dustbin type jet exhaust noise suppression ejector.  Efforts were also made to reduce the noise level of the Auxiliary Power Unit using similar technology.  Flight tests were carried out on a Series 510ED in Jan99.  The FAA granted a Supplementary Type Certificate for Stage 3 modified Series 400s on 29Jul00 with at least five conversions being completed.  CAA certification for Series 500s has now been abandoned but in late 2002 CAA certification of the Series 475 was under way in Florida.  Four of the Srs.510EDs had forward airstairs installed while seven of the aircraft had Rolls-Royce Spey Mk.512-14DW engines fitted.  The first Srs.510ED aircraft to have the flight system changed to the Collins FD108 from the earlier used Smiths Industries type entered service in Aug97 while the second aircraft was ready for service in Sep98.  Four additional Series 500 aircraft were purchased in Argentina and the Philippines in 1995 and 1996 for possible future hush kitting and service though this never took place.  All but one of the Srs.510EDs were withdrawn from service at the end of the summer season 2000 with two being sold in Nigeria the following December.  The company’s operational fleet was reduced to just three aircraft from Nov01, a Series 510ED, a Series 501EX and a Series 530FX.  Maersk Air Ltd added a third Series 501EX to its fleet from Mar95 to the end of Apr98 (leased from European Aviation Ltd) but sold its four Series 400s in South Africa between Jul96 and Apr97.  One of the company's Series 400s was the first of the type to exceed 50,000 landings before it was sold.  This carrier also leased a Series 400 to, parent company, Maersk Air I/S during the summer of 1995.  The company finally withdrew the type on 04Aug98.  British World Airlines continued to fly its Series 500s on charter and inclusive tour work although the fleet had been reduced from five to three by Feb00.  Aircraft were also leased to Aer Lingus Commuter Ltd, Air Nostrum SA, CityJet Ltd and SABENA.  Three of the company's aircraft exceeded 60,000 flying hours, the first Series 500s to do so.  British World finally withdrew its fleet with two being retired in November 2000 and the third ferried to Southend for storage on December 24th 2000.  The Air Bristol Group, using leased European Aircharter Series 510EDs, formed two subsidiary companies.  The first, Air Belfast, operated from Mar95 to Mar96 while the second, AB Shannon, started operating in Dec95.  From 01May97 AB Airlines Ltd was created from the merged AB Shannon and Air Bristol and continued to fly three Series 510EDs on schedules from Gatwick to Shannon, and Berlin with effect from 01Dec97, and on the BAe Airbus contract.  This last contract terminated on 29May98 while once daily schedules commenced on the Shannon to Birmingham and Stansted routes on 22May98 though both routes were withdrawn on 14Feb99 and the One-Eleven fleet reduced to two prior to the company ceasing operations in September 1999.

Cyprus Airways retired its fleet in late Mar95 and quickly disposed of it in South Africa.  TAROM sold four of its Series 500s in Pakistan in Oct95 followed by several aircraft to Nigeria.  Only two aircraft remained on strength and these had been withdrawn by early 2000.  JARO International still flew its two Series 528FLs until September 2001 on charter and contract work and operated services on behalf of Palair Macedonian Airways, Astanair and Red Sea Airlines while two of Romavia's three Series 561RCs continued flying on Government contract work and more recently on behalf of Egypt based Air Memphis flying tourist flights.  A Series 525FT and a Series 561RC were operating with Trast Aero/Aquiline International Corp of Kyrgyzstan where noise is not a problem until the last ceased flying in early 2010 after earlier leases to SCAT Air Company of Kazakhstan, Djibouti Airlines and OSOB Airline of Somalia.  This saw the end of the last airline configured aircraft operations.

With effect from 1st April 2002 all commercial airliners not conforming to the European JAR Stage 3 noise regulations were banned from operating commercially within the EEC area.  This effectively grounded all One-Eleven operations with the exception of aircraft ferrying to and from maintenance activities within Europe, when dispensation to fly was granted.  The only One-Elevens able to comply with these rules are the handful of executive Series 400 aircraft that have been Stage 3 certificated in the USA and two Series 475s which were similarly modified in Romania and which are now based in Mali.  Romavia has given up trying to obtain certification of Stage 3 hush kits on its Series 500s and has ceased flying them.  Military aircraft are not affected by this ruling. 

Corporate and research operations continue with eight aircraft throughout the world.  Four aircraft are still employed in research work with three in the USA with Northrop-Grumman and one in the United Kingdom with QinetiQ. Operational corporate One-Elevens now number just four, all Stage 3 hush-kitted, with one in the USA and three registered in Mali.  The total hours and landings flown by all marks of One-Eleven now both exceed eight and a quarter million.  Precise details are difficult to assess since returns have not been made by several operators for some considerable time.  This especially refers to Nigerian operators.

It was confirmed in Apr97 that all further development by Romaero S.A. of the Airstar 2500 had been abandoned and that production at Baneasa had been terminated with just nine examples of the Series 561RCs flown.  Raising the finance for such a complex project was a major problem while the co-operation of both BAe in the United Kingdom and Alenia of Italy, who had taken over Dee Howard Inc, would have ideally been required.  The former was fully committed to the BAe 146, a direct competitor to the Romanian project, while the latter had seen a much greater demand for re-engined Boeing 727s and had withdrawn backing of the Tay engined One-Eleven at a fairly late stage in the certification programme.  The engines due to be fitted in the Airstar 2500 were Rolls-Royce Tay Mk.650-14s of 15,100 lb (6,717 kg) static thrust.  These were expected to significantly reduce noise levels to well within Stage 3 Category limits, to reduce fuel burn by 17%, increase range by 20%, increase rate of climb by 32% and to offer a much reduced maintenance burden.  A much modernised glass cockpit was to be installed with a Honeywell SPZ8000 EFIS autopilot.

(Special thanks are due to Juan Carlos Rodriguez of Austral Lineas Aéreas, K.H.K. Mirza of AERO ASIA, Carlos Duran of Ladeco, Arto Tavitian of Cyprus Airways, Alan Hill formerly of Nationwide Air Services and Francisco Giordano of Tikal Jets for information used in this update.  Once again much information and help was obtained from Alan Miles of the Engineering Division of European Aviation Air Charter Ltd together with Dave Pearman, Pat Morgan and Mike Bone of the same company, from Wayne Barker and Lisa Quinnel formerly of World Aviation Support Ltd, from Andy Smith of Maersk Air Engineering Ltd and from Captains Graeme Kerr of Maersk Air Ltd and Kurt Lang formerly with Court Line Aviation Ltd, LIAT and Dan-Air Services Ltd.  Michael G. Stanbrook and Mike Bowden of British Aerospace Airbus Service Support have again been most helpful with their regular information on all matters concerning the latest One-Eleven news.  Without the assistance of all these people, the aforementioned Ian Bashall, Steve Burland, the late "Paddy" Cormican, Roy Radford, Ralph Kohn, J.A.K. Travers, Paul Howard, Nik Read of the Brooklands Museum, Peter Clark founder of the One-Eleven web site and those credited in the original book, this update would not have been possible).

Richard J. Church - June 2011




Any corrections to individual aircraft histories are noted in that section of this update.  However, errors that have been noted in other sections are detailed below under the original section headings.

Operators of the One-Eleven

Adria Airways

Registration should read YU-ANS

Aerotransportes Litoral Argentino - ALA

Registration against c/n 116 should read G-AWGG

Airways International Cymru, Ltd.

c/n 110 registration should read G-YMRU

Austral Lineas Aéreas

For new destinations added from early 1993, for San Martin read Chapelco and delete Rio Grande.

European Aviation Ltd

The last two sentences should read: - "In Jun94 a Srs.530FX was purchased from British Airways followed by a Srs.501EX in Aug, a second Srs.530FX in Sep94 and finally a Srs.523FJ in Dec94.  All came from British Airways and are due to be operated by European Aviation Air Charter Ltd, at least one of which is to be operated with a 50 seat executive interior.

National Aircraft Leasing Inc

Add to fleet : -   N111NA  086   N5040  086

Route Maps

The Birmingham to Cork route was omitted from the Maersk Air Ltd map.

Photographic captions

Page 45 - Type should read a Srs.516FP.
Page 37 - Photograph 2 - Location is Manchester, not Gatwick.
c/n 115  - G-BBMG of Brymon European is at Birmingham not Hurn
c/n 061  - N682RW of Detroit Red Wings was taken in Feb92.
Front cover - Photograph was taken on 23May72 at Tingo Maria, Peru and is of G-AZUK c/n 241 while on a South American sales tour.

Registration cross references

Delete brackets around HZ-AMH (2).
5N-IVE c/n 112 should read 5N-OVE

Page 83 - Type 217AU should read 217EA




ADC Airlines, Ltd.

This company withdrew one of its Srs.203AEs in Oct94.  The overhaul of its Srs.414EG was abandoned after the company's only other One-Eleven, a Srs.203AE, was written off on 29Jul97 so ending this company's association with the type.

AERO ASIA International (Pvt), Ltd.

A third Srs.561RC was added in late Jul93, a fourth and fifth in early Jan and early Mar94 and a sixth in Nov94.  Two other Srs.561RCs have been leased for short periods to cover maintenance work on the existing fleet.  The six aircraft fleet was operated in a 109 seat all economy class layout.  Leases were from both TAROM and Romavia.  Sukkur was a short-lived addition to the route network early in 1997.  By early 2000 domestic frequencies had been reduced while international schedules were added to the Gulf destinations of Dubai, Muscat, Abu Dhabi and Doha.  All four Pakistani registered aircraft had been withdrawn from service by 2002 with three stored in Pakistan and the fourth at Bucharest-Otopeni while the Romanian registered aircraft had been earlier returned to the lessors.

AP-BFC  401   AP-BFD  404   AP-BFE  406   AP-BFF  407   YR-BRE  405  YR-BRG  407   YR-BRI  409

Aerotransportes Litoral Argentino, S.A.- ALA

It is now known that Srs.420EL LV-JGY c/n 155 was delivered new to Austral rather than ALA and it is believed that G-AWGG was only operated by ALA in Argentina.

Air Bristol, Ltd.

Leased two additional Srs.510EDs from European Aircharter Ltd from Feb95.  These were painted in the colours of Air Belfast Ltd.  This new company was launched on 10Jan95 as a subsidiary of the Air Bristol Group.  Another subsidiary, named AB Shannon Ltd, commenced scheduled services between Shannon and Gatwick on 07Dec95.  The fleet was reduced to three aircraft with effect from mid Feb96.  One of its Srs.510EDs was exchanged for another of the same type at the end of Nov96 fitted with a 70 seat VIP interior prior to delivery for use on the BAe Airbus Ltd contract between Filton and Toulouse.  One aircraft was leased to Air UK Ltd from 18Aug to 27Oct96 for operation on Aberdeen to Amsterdam schedules.  The company's fleet was reduced to two aircraft from mid Dec96 when one aircraft was returned to the lessor.  From 01May97 the company and AB Shannon Ltd were merged to form AB Airlines Ltd.

G-AVMI  137

Air France.

With effect from 19Jun97 a Srs.520FN was leased from European Aircharter Ltd to operate on joint Air France/Air Inter Europe daily schedules from Lille to Lyon and Nice together with a weekend service to Bastia.  The initial aircraft was replaced by a Srs.530FX from 19Jul97 until 31Aug97 when the contract terminated.  Jersey European Airways Ltd flew this company's three times daily Monday to Friday and twice daily weekend schedules from Lyon to Heathrow with a Srs.510ED from 06Sep98 to 24Oct98 in a two class 89 seat configuration with the front five rows as business class.

G-AXLL  193   G-AYOP  233   G-AVMK  139

Air Malawi, Ltd.

The aircraft were also used to operate South African Mines Labour flights known as ‘Wenelas’.

Air UK, Ltd.

Commenced thrice weekly scheduled services with Srs.510EDs on the Stansted to Brussels route with effect from 27Mar95 and throughout the summer in 1995.  A European Airtransport Ltd aircraft was used on this service and was leased for standby cover for the company's fleet at other times.  The same company provided a Srs.510ED to operate a daily scheduled service from Belfast International to Amsterdam from 15Jul9 to 26Oct96.  A second Srs.510ED was leased to provide standby cover for the rest of the Stansted based fleet during the same period.  From 27Oct96 to 28Mar97 a similar aircraft was leased from European Aircharter Ltd to operate a daily Gatwick to Glasgow schedule.  Any Srs.510ED was used to fulfil these contracts.  An Air Bristol Ltd Srs.510ED was leased to operate schedules between Aberdeen and Amsterdam from 18Aug to 27Oct96.

G-AVMN  142

Airways International Cymru, Ltd.

It seems that only one of this company’s aircraft was leased to British Midland Airways Ltd.

Anadolu Hava Yollari.

The company flight prefix was 'GH'.

Akia Inland Airways.

The company utilised its One-Elevens primarily on charter flights from Tel Aviv to Düsseldorf and Stuttgart via Athens and on behalf of El Al to Bucharest, Istanbul, London, Rome and Vienna.

(4X-BAS) 236

Austral Compañia Argentina de Transportes Aéreas, S.A.

This company took delivery of a third Series 420EL in mid Dec68.  It did not go to sister company Aerotransportes Litoral Argentino S.A. – ALA as previously reported.  It is also believed that G-AWGG c/n 116 was only used by ALA and not Austral.

LV-JGY  155

Austral Líneas Aéreas.

Leased a Srs.521FH to LADECO from 09Oct90 to 07Nov90.  Flew its last regular scheduled service with a One-Eleven on 23Oct94 by which time only two aircraft remained operational, the others having been broken up or put in long term storage.  The last two aircraft were then put into store until one was leased to Air Patagonia in Aug95.  Both aircraft were sold in Jun96.  Two airframes were donated to the Fuerza Aérea Argentina.

British Airways, plc.

The last revenue flight to be flown by a One-Eleven in this company's colour scheme was flown by Maersk Air Ltd on 04Aug98 from Copenhagen to Birmingham with G-AWYS.

British Caledonian Airways Ltd.

With effect from 10Nov85 until 29May86, a British Island Airways Ltd Srs.509EW registered G-AWWZ was operated on behalf of BCAL from Monday to Friday out of Gatwick while flying for its owner on Saturdays and Sundays. This was replaced by other unidentified BIA One-Elevens for two very short periods when the aircraft returned to Stansted presumably for maintenance.

British Eagle International Airways, Ltd.

In summer 1968 the type served Gerona on a scheduled basis from Heathrow while Frankfurt and Rimini were served from Liverpool via Manchester and Palma and Ibiza were served from Liverpool via Birmingham.  Other points served on a charter basis from Heathrow included Alicante, Barcelona, Berlin-Tegel, Bordeaux, Brussels, Genoa, Istanbul (via Rimini), Las Palmas (via Lisbon), Palma, Rotterdam, Tenerife South, Turin and Venice.

British Island Airways, Ltd.

With effect from 10Nov85 until 29May86, a BIA Srs.509EW registered G-AWWZ was operated on behalf of British Caledonian Airways Ltd from Monday to Friday out of Gatwick while flying for its owner on Saturdays and Sundays. This was replaced by other unidentified BIA One-Elevens for two very short periods when the aircraft returned to Stansted presumably for maintenance.

British Midland Airways, Ltd.

It seems most likely that G-YMRU (110) was never used by this carrier.

British World Airlines, Ltd.

In Nov94 this carrier bought outright the five One-Eleven 500s it had put into service following their earlier lease from ILFC.  Two of these were leased to SABENA through Delta Air Transport NV for scheduled operations from Brussels, the first entering service on 26Mar95.  Only one of these aircraft was on lease at any one time.  The last SABENA flight was flown by a British World One-Eleven on 16Dec95 and the contract terminated though one of the aircraft was used again for two weeks in Apr96. During summer 1996 aircraft were based at both Stansted and Gatwick to operate inclusive tour flights to France, Italy and Spain together with ad hoc charters and ad hoc schedules on behalf of Ryanair Ltd and Maersk Air Ltd.  Series 500s were wet leased to Aer Lingus Commuter Ltd to operate seven times per week schedules between Stansted and Dublin with effect from 28Oct96.  The contract ran until 28Mar97.  In Nov99 a Srs.518FG was leased to Air Nostrum of Spain.  The Srs.520FN was withdrawn from service in Jan99 being sold in Nigeria in the same month.  Two further aircraft were withdrawn in Nov00 with the final aircraft ferrying to Southend for storage on 24Dec00.

Caledonian Airways (Prestwick), Ltd.

Initial points served included Barcelona, Gerona, Ibiza, Palma, Faro, Lisbon, Basel, Rome-Ciampino, Venice, Düsseldorf, Hannover and Tunis.

Cambrian Airways, Ltd.

By summer 1973 schedules were also flown with the type from London to Dubrovnik and Lyons and to Paris from Bristol, Cardiff and Southampton while Belfast was linked to Bristol and Cardiff.

Classic Air, Inc.

This company was formed in Mar90 and commenced operations in Apr90 using two aircraft on charters to the gaming resorts of both Las Vegas and Atlantic City.  The aircraft were operated in a 79 seat pax configuration.  A further three aircraft were painted for this carrier but operations ceased in Dec90.

Add to fleet list N1114J c/n 032

Cyprus Airways, Ltd.

This company withdrew its One-Eleven fleet from service with the last flight taking place on 25Mar95.  They were later sold in South Africa.

Dan-Air Services, Ltd.

Add to fleet list G-AYOR c/n 232.

Defence Research Agency - DRA.

The United Kingdom Defence Research Agency was renamed as the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency with effect from 01Apr97.  Full details can be found under QinetiQ plc.

European Aviation Air Charter, Ltd., (E7)

Formed a subsidiary named Emerald European Airways which commenced twice daily schedules between Belfast International and Luton on 15Dec94 with the parent company's Srs.510EDs.  The company ceased trading after operating the last service on 06Jun95 when European Aviation withdrew its support.  European Aviation moved its engineering and operational base from Filton to Hurn in Apr95.  The company's 50 seat VIP Srs.530FX entered service on 18Jun95.  Two further Srs.510EDs were leased to Air Bristol Ltd at the end of Feb95 for operation by Air Belfast.  Two Srs.510EDs were leased to Delta Air Transport N.V. for operation on behalf of SABENA with effect from 26Mar95 while from Oct95 two further Srs.510EDs were used on this contract, one of which was employed as a standby.  By late Dec95 only one of these aircraft remained on lease to SABENA which continued to the end of Jun96.  Two additional Srs.510EDs were returned to service in Apr and Jun95.  The summer 1995 charter programme included inclusive tour flights from Gatwick to France, Italy, Spain and Portugal, from Manchester to France and the Channel Islands, from Liverpool to the Channel Islands, from Belfast to France while an aircraft based in Milan-Malpensa flew to Gatwick and from both Malpensa and Rome-Ciampino to Dublin and Edinburgh.  During summer 1995 two Srs.510EDs were based at Stansted as standby aircraft for both Ryanair Ltd and Air UK Ltd.  In Aug95 it was announced that Stage 3 Hush Kits were to be fitted to the company fleet.  These were being developed by Quiet Technology Venture Ltd of Florida, USA and marketed jointly with European Aviation Ltd.  More precise details are shown in the Summary section.  The first aircraft, a Srs.510ED, was flown to Opa Locka in mid Jul98 for trial proof of concept installation.  A Srs.524FF and a Srs.527FK formerly operated by Philippine Airlines Inc were obtained in Dec95 and a Srs.518FG and a Srs.521FH were obtained from Austral Lineas Aéreas in Jun96 for possible future hush kitting and service.  Summer 1996 saw the lease of single aircraft to Air Liberté (from 31Mar96 to 20Sep96) and Maersk Air Ltd (from 01Apr96 to 01May98), two Srs.510EDs to Ryanair Ltd and a Srs.510ED jointly to Jersey European Airways Ltd and Air UK Ltd.  European Aviation Maintenance Ltd set about a programme of upgrading the Srs.510ED fleet.  The first aircraft involved, an eleventh previously stored aeroplane, was fitted with forward airstairs and Rolls-Royce Spey Mk.512-14DW engines (the first Srs.510ED to be so fitted) and entered service in Oct96.  In Dec96 work started on converting the first aircraft from a Smiths Industries to a Collins FD108 flight system.  This aircraft, G-AVML, eventually re-entered service in Aug97 being also fitted with forward airstairs and Rolls Royce Spey Mk.512-14DW engines.  Early in 1997 a third Srs.510ED was fitted with forward airstairs and another aircraft with the DW engines.  A second aircraft, previously stored and the company's twelfth Srs.510ED to be made operational, was returned to service in Sep98 after similar conversion to a Collins FD108 Flight System, fitting of forward airstairs and Spey Mk.512-14DW engines.  Through the winter period of 1996/7 single Srs.510EDs were leased to Ryanair and Air UK. Summer 1997 saw the lease of a Srs.510ED to Jersey European Airways Ltd, later being extended through winter 1997/8 and throughout summer 1998 while the Ryanair lease continued throughout the summer of 1997.  An aircraft was leased to operate joint Air France/Air Inter Europe schedules based on Lille from 19Jun97 to 31Aug97.  A Srs.510ED was leased to Euroscot Express Ltd from late Sep97 to mid Aug98 while Cityjet Ltd leased a single aircraft from 08/27Jan98 to operate the company's Dublin to Paris schedules. The company was granted a Ministry of Defence contract for the movement of military personnel and their families between the United Kingdom and Germany starting 02Apr98.  A highlight of 1998 was Sunday 20Sep, when all sixteen of the company's operational One-Elevens flew.  Two of the Srs.510EDs were withdrawn from service at the end of Oct98, a third in Feb99 and a fourth in early Oct99, all being put in storage pending certification of the Stage 3 mods.  The first of a regular once weekly charter ferrying injured and sick holidaymakers from the Spanish mainland and Majorca on behalf of holiday insurance companies began on 17Apr99.  With the addition of Boeing 737-200s to the fleet, the operational fleet of One-Elevens was reduced to eleven for the 2000 summer season of which two were leased to Fly European Airlines AB of Sweden with effect from 08May00 for three months.  From mid Aug00 the operational fleet was reduced to ten and it was clear that Stage 3 hush-kitting of the fleet had been abandoned.  All but one of the Srs.510EDs was withdrawn from service on 14Nov00 leaving five active One-Elevens in the fleet.  By Apr01 the last remaining active Srs.510ED had been converted to executive config for use in the support of the Minardi Formula 1 racing team.  The company’s Srs.523FJ was retired in late Sep01 and one of the Srs.530FXs in early Oct01 leaving three operational One-Elevens to see the company through the winter period.  Two of the Srs.510EDs were sold to Chanchangi Airlines in Dec00 while one of the Srs.530FXs and the Srs.523FJ were sold to Savannah Airlines in Nov01.  The JAR imposed Stage 3 rules became effective on 01Apr02 and the last revenue service with the type took place on 31Mar02.

G-AVML  140   G-AVMM  141   G-AVMY  152   G-AVMZ  153

Florida Express Inc.

Became a "Braniff Express" carrier 09Feb88 prior to its full merger with Braniff Airways Inc on 01Mar88.

Ford Motor Company, Ltd.

This company's last operational One-Eleven was withdrawn from use and ferried to Hurn for preparation for resale in early Oct97.

GAS Airlines (General & Aviation Services) Ltd.

This company had reportedly ceased flying by Jul97 and its fleet put in storage. A Srs.487GK pure freighter was painted in this company’s colours for lease from TAROM but it is not known if it ever entered service.

YR-BCR  267

Germanair Bedarfsluftfahrt GmbH.

The initial Srs.409AY was used on routes from Stuttgart which included those to Athens, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Istanbul, Munich, Palma and Vienna.

Gulf Aviation Company, Ltd.

Jeddah was an additional point served.

Hold-Trade Air Services Ltd.

This company had reportedly ceased flying by Jul97 and its fleet put in storage.

Istanbul Hava Yollari

Only two aircraft were leased from TAROM in summer 1986.  Delete all reference to TC-JCP.

JARO International, SA.

This company's lease of an aircraft to Air Alfa was for the duration of the summer 1994.  By Dec95 one of its aircraft was employed flying schedules on behalf of Palair Macedonian Airlines to many European destinations from Skopje and Ohrid though this had ceased by Jan97.  The company operated a scheduled service between Bucharest-Băneasa and Gatwick for a few months from Dec96.  One aircraft was leased to Astanair of Kazakhstan from Nov97 while the second aircraft was leased to Red Sea Air of Eritrea by Dec98.  The airline was declared bankrupt in Sep01 and the aircraft stored Bucharest-Băneasa.

Kabo Air, Ltd.

By Jul97 only two aircraft reportedly remained in service with this company.  However, it had added three VIP configured Srs.401AKs to its fleet.  These were purchased in Nov96, Jul97 and Aug97, one of which was operated for a short while on behalf of the Liberian Government.  By Feb99 the airline had disposed of its entire Series 200 fleet and was flying just four Series 400 aircraft with another three in store one of which, a Srs.424EU, had been purchased from GAS Airlines Ltd.  The type was finally withdrawn when grounded by the Nigerian CAA on 09May02.

5N-AXV  159   5N-CCC  069   5N-HHH  064   5N-VVV  080

Lauda Air Luftfahrt, GmbH.

By the end of 1985 the second aircraft had reverted to Romanian registry but was still operated by Lauda Air.

YR-BCM  256

Leeward Islands Air Transport Services, Ltd.

By summer 1972 daily schedules were flown from Antigua to Barbados, Grenada, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, St. Croix, San Juan and Trinidad with twice weekly flights to Tobago.  Kingston-Jamaica was added to the network with effect from 06Dec72.  VP-LAN flew the company’s last One-Eleven service on 29Apr04 and the type was withdrawn.

Linea Aérea del Cobre SA - LADECO.

Prior to the introduction of its own aircraft, this company wet leased a Srs.521FH from Austral Lineas Aéreas from early Oct to early Nov90.  Points served during this lease included Antofagasta, Balmaceda, Concepción, Copiapó, Puerto Montt and Santiago.  The One-Eleven fleet was gradually withdrawn from use from Jan91 until the last flight was flown on 31Dec94 from Viña del Mar to Santiago.

LV-JNT  196

Liniile Aeriene Române – LAR.

This company was operating a Srs.561RC with their titles in Aug90.

YR-BRE  405

Maersk Air, Ltd.

During Mar/Apr95 this operator's One-Elevens were reconfigured to meet the new British Airways Club Europe launch.  The Series 400 seating capacity was reduced from 77 to 63 (comprising 28 four abreast club seats and 35 five abreast tourist seats) while the Series 500 seating capacity was reduced from 99 to 86 (comp-rising 32 four abreast club seats and 54 five abreast tourist seats).  An aircraft drawn from the Series 400 fleet was leased to Maersk Air I/S of Denmark from 31Jul95 until 28Oct95.  Two of the aircraft were used during this time.  Cork was withdrawn from the company's regular schedules after operating the last service on 12Jan96 although some schedules were operated over this route over the peak Easter period in 1996.  A third Srs.501EX was leased from European Aircharter Ltd from 01Apr96 to 01May98.  During the summer months in 1995/6 and 1997 a programme of weekend charter flights was flown to Jersey from several UK points with the Srs.501EXs.  The four Series 400 aircraft were sold in South Africa with del in Jul96, Dec96, Feb97 and Apr97 as the company progressively took del of Boeing 737-500s.  The last revenue flight by a Series 400 was flown on 20Mar97 and by a Series 500 on 04Aug98 when the type was finally withdrawn from service after operating the last One-Eleven service in British Airway's colour scheme from Copenhagen to Birmingham as BA8363.

G-AWYV  178

Marmara Hava Yollari Airlines.

This company actually operated one Srs.525FT from mid May to mid Jun86 before the aircraft was returned TAROM.

TC-JCP  254

PN Merpati Nusantara Airlines.

A second Srs.401AK was also prepared for this operator and painted in their full colour scheme but was never delivered.

N5018  058

Nationwide Air Services (Pty) Ltd.

Added a Srs.509EW and a Srs.518FG to its fleet in Dec94 and Feb95 while a Srs.531FS was added in May95.  In Jul95 Cyprus Airways Ltd fleet of three Srs.537GFs was obtained.  Four Series 400s were later purchased from Maersk Air Ltd.  These comprised a Srs.416EK del in Jul96, a Srs.408EF del in Dec96, a Srs.401AK del in Feb97 and a Srs.408EF del in Apr97.  During 1995 scheduled services were flown on behalf of Transkei Airways Corporation from Johannesburg to Umtata and Port Elizabeth.  The company took over the routes of Care Airlines (Pty) Ltd in 1995 and commenced scheduled services from Johannesburg to Cape Town and Port Elizabeth using 'CE' as its airline flight prefix.  By summer 1996, the company was being marketed as 'Nationwide Air' and George had been added to the company's scheduled network.  By early 1997 schedules were being flown from Johannesburg to Cape Town, Durban, George and Port Elizabeth with joint Nationwide/SABENA flight numbers connecting with SABENA's three weekly flights between Johannesburg and Brussels.  Port Elizabeth was dropped from the network in 1998 while SABENA increased its Brussels service to daily from the end March 1999.  TAP - Air Portugal was added to the code share feed services from early 1999 followed by Virgin Atlantic in early 2000.  One of the company's aircraft was leased to Zimbabwe Express Airlines Ltd in May/Jun97.  Nationwide's original One-Eleven, a Srs.409AY, was operated as a pure freighter.  Series 500s operated with 94 and Series 400s with 75 passenger seats.  The SABENA contract ended at the end of Dec00 when they stopped serving Johannesburg with the same fate befalling the TAP code share during 2001.  By Jan02 only one Srs.408EF remained in service, all other aircraft being stored at Lanseria.  This aircraft was withdrawn from use in May03 and replaced by a Srs.537GF in operational use until this too flew its last revenue service on 18Jan04.

ZS-NMS  186   ZS-NMT  201   ZS-NUG  237   ZS-NUH  257   ZS-NUI  258 ZS-NUJ  261   ZS-NYZ  132   ZS-OAF  114   ZS-OAG  066   ZS-OAH  115

Okada Air Ltd.

By Jul97 only one of this company's large One-Eleven fleet reportedly remained in service, the majority of the fleet being stored at Benin.  Early in 2000 it was reported that no One-Elevens were in service.

Oriental Airlines, Ltd.

Following the loss of its Srs.515FB, this company bought a Srs.523FJ to replace it in Dec94 while at the same time buying a Srs.476FM formerly operated by British Air Ferries Ltd.  In late Mar95 work commenced at Southend in preparing a Srs.515FB for return to service, this the first of three former Dan-Air Services Ltd aircraft purchased by Oriental.  This was del in Aug95 but the other two remained in store until broken up for spares in Sep98.  The Srs.476FM was the subject of a prolonged conversion to VIP configuration at Southend and was finally delivered in Aug96.  The company flew scheduled routes from Lagos to Abuja, Enugu, Owerri and Port Harcourt and carried out domestic and international charters.  One-Eleven operations ceased on 09May02 when the type was grounded by the Nigerian CAA.

5N-ECI  241   5N-ENO  208   5N-EYI  211  (G-AWWX) 184  (G-AXYD) 211

Pelita Air Service, P.T./ Pertamina Oil.

Obtained a Srs.416EK from Mr. Robin Loh on 26Jan73.  It was overhauled at Hurn in Apr/May73.  It operated throughout the Far East with places visited including Denpesar, Jogjakarta, Medan, Palembang, Surabaya and Singapore. It also carried out at least two European tours visiting Amsterdam, Ankara, Berlin, Geneva, Paris, Rome and Trieste and also visited Colombo, Karachi and Teheran.  During a period in 1977 and 1978 it operated a once weekly schedule from Denpesar to Darwin on behalf of Merpati Nusantara Airlines. It was disposed of in early Jun79.

PK-PJC  166


This state owned company was formed on 03Apr91. It commenced a once weekly scheduled flight from Bucharest to Malta and Casablanca in the summer of 1997.  Aircraft have been leased to Aero Asia of Pakistan, Air Memphis of Egypt and Aerotrans of Cyprus.  The last two aircraft were officially withdrawn from use on 15Oct09, the third having been withdrawn in Nov01 and broken-up in Feb09.

Royal Australian Air Force.

This organisation’s aircraft were the only One-Elevens to have a navigator’s position in the cockpit.  They were also fitted with larger low pressure tyres for operations out of low strength runways.  They visited most Australian airfields with runways of over 6,000ft length.  Overseas points visited included Port Moresby and Rabaul (PNG), Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Manila, Cocos Island, Christmas Island, Noumea, Norfolk Island, Honiara, Suva and Nadi, Port Vila, Nuku Alofa (Tonga), Apia, Rarotonga in the immediate vicinity while further afield points visited included Teherean, Srinigar (Kashmir), Delhi Bombay and Calcutta, Bangkok, Tokyo, Bejing, Kwajelein, Tarawa, Ponape (FSM), Guam and Glasgow while various points in New Zealand were regular training destinations.

Royal Aerospace Establishment.

Following this organisation's merger into the Defence Research Agency - DRA in Apr91, it was again renamed the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency - DERA on 01Apr97 and again QinetiQ from 02Jul01.  The Srs.402AP was withdrawn from use in Mar97 and later broken up. See QinetiQ plc for later operations.

Royal Air Force of Oman – RAFO.

This organisation withdrew its first aircraft in late Aug08, its second aircraft in early Mar09 and its final aircraft last flew on 28Jun10.

Ryanair, Ltd.

Flew its last One-Eleven service on 02Oct94 and withdrew its remaining aircraft from service.  A Srs.510ED was leased from European Aircharter Ltd during the summer of 1995 to act as a standby aircraft covering maintenance and unserviceability of the company's Boeing 737-200s at Stansted.  Summer 1996 saw the lease of two Srs.510EDs from the same operator, one based on Luton to cover four daily rotations on the Dublin schedule and the other based on Stansted to cover schedules to Connaught-Knock and Cork.  The Luton based aircraft continued to fly the programme throughout the winter of 1996/97 and the summer of 1997 until the contract came to an end in late Oct97.  On Fridays throughout the winter of 1996/97 two rotations were flown between Hurn and Dublin and a single rotation between Cardiff and Dublin.  Additional services have been flown at peak periods with both European Aircharter Ltd and British World Airlines Ltd Series 500s.


Disposed of its Srs.201AC in Jan96 and is believed to have withdrawn its Srs.401AK.

Trabajos Aéreos y Enlaces.

The company’s second aircraft was due to have been c/n 160 and was painted in the company’s colours at Weybridge as a Srs.402AP.

Transporturile Aériene Romane - TAROM.

The once large fleet of this carrier has been gradually reduced to just two aircraft by May 2000 and none is now in service.

Westinghouse Electric Corporation. 

This company’s two research Series.401AKs were transferred to the Northrop Grumman Corporation in Mar96.




AB Airlines, Ltd.,(7L),   Stansted, Essex, England.

With effect from 01May97 the operations of Air Bristol Ltd and AB Shannon Ltd were combined in this name.  At the same time a new colour scheme was adopted being basically that of European Aircharter Ltd with AB Airlines titles and "AB" in white on a red fin.  At the time of the launch in the new name, a twice daily schedule (except Saturdays) was started between Gatwick and Lisbon with a third leased Srs.510ED in a two class 96 seat configuration.  From Nov97 the Gatwick to Lisbon service was reduced to once daily while a daily service between Gatwick and Berlin-Schonefeld was inaugurated on 01Dec97.  With effect from 22May98 once daily scheduled services were commenced from Shannon to Stansted and Birmingham jointly marketed by AB Airlines and Aer Lingus Ltd though both routes were short lived and were withdrawn on 14Feb99 at which time the One-Eleven fleet was reduced to two.  With the addition of two Boeing 737-300s to its fleet in Jun98, AB Airlines One-Elevens ceased flying the Lisbon schedules but were retained on one of the now double daily Berlin schedules and on two of the three Gatwick to Shannon schedules.  The last BAe Airbus flight on the Filton-Toulouse shuttle was flown on 29May98 after the contract was terminated.  The company was put into the hands of receivers on 29Jul99 at which time One-Elevens were flying a daily rotation to Nice and three daily rotations to Shannon from Gatwick.  Operations finally ceased on 09Sep99.

G-AVMI  137   G-AVMN  142   G-AVMW  150   G-AVMY  152   G-AVMZ  153

Aberdeen London Express Airlines, Ltd.,(  ),   Aberdeen, Scotland.

Commenced a once daily Monday to Friday scheduled service between Aberdeen and Stansted on 31Oct94 with a Srs.510ED leased from European Aircharter Ltd.  Following poor loads the service was suspended on 06Dec94 and the carrier ceased operations.

G-AVMI  137

AB Shannon, Ltd.,(7L).   Shannon, Eire.

A subsidiary of the Air Bristol Group was formed to operate a twice daily scheduled service between Shannon and Gatwick.  Service commenced on 07Dec95 and was increased to thrice daily from Mar96 with one of the parent company's leased Srs.510EDs.  From 01May97 this company and Air Bristol were both marketed as AB Airlines Ltd.

G-AVMT  147

Aer Lingus Commuter, Ltd., (EI),   Dublin, Eire.

Wet leased British World Airlines Ltd Series 500s to cover a seven times per week round trip schedule between Stansted and Dublin from 28Oct96 to 28Mar97.  From 22May98 to 14Feb99 AB Airlines Ltd operated once daily jointly marketed services from Shannon to Birmingham and Stansted.

Aero Guatemala, S.A.  -   see   Tikal Jets Airlines, S.A.

Aerolion International. (  ),   Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

Purchased a Srs.561RC from TAROM in Dec97.  The aircraft was advertised as available for charters in a 12 first and 77 tourist class layout.  It was also proposed to convert the aircraft into an executive configuration with extra fuel tankage.  It is believed that the aircraft never saw service with Aerolion International and it was sold in Mar99.

YR-BRB  402

Aerotrans Airlines, Ltd., (6F),   Paphos, Cyprus.

Leased one Srs.561RC from Romavia in Mar02 with a second planned but never in fact operated.  The type was introduced into scheduled service from Larnaca to Belgrade, Kiev, Minsk and Prague in a 15 club, 89 tourist layout.  It is believed that the type was withdrawn in Aug02.

(YR-BRH) 408   YR-BRI  409 (5B-DBQ) 408 (5B-DBR) 409

Air Belfast, Ltd.,(7L),   Belfast International, Northern Ireland.

This company, a subsidiary of the Air Bristol Group, was launched on 10Jan95.  Operations commenced on 01Mar95 with a five times daily Monday to Friday scheduled operation between Belfast International and Stansted with 104 seat single class Srs.510EDs leased from Air Bristol Ltd.  The frequency was gradually reduced until the last flight was flown on this route on 21Mar96.  A reduced operation took place on Saturday and Sunday.  With effect from 23Nov95 a three times a day Monday to Friday schedule was due to have been introduced between Belfast International and Gatwick when the Stansted schedule was due to have been reduced to four services per day.  However, the start of this new route was deferred at a late stage and abandoned when the Stansted route terminated and the company ceased to exist.

G-AVMH  136   G-AVMN  142

Air Écosse, Ltd. (SM),   Aberdeen, Scotland.

Wet leased a Srs.432FD from 23Jan to 06Feb84 for a proposed new route from Aberdeen to Heathrow which in the event was not granted.

G-AXMU  157

Air Inter Europe.  -   see  Air France.

Air Katanga. (  ),   Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo

A Srs.201AC was prepared for this new operator at Southend with delivery in late Aug98.  In late Feb04 this company took delivery of a Srs.537GF from Nationwide Airlines.  It was used to fly on behalf of Wimbi Dira Airways and Compagnie Africaine d’Aviation – CAA until it was sold to the latter in Aug06.

9Q-CSJ  013   9Q-CDY   261

Air Liberté. (VD),   Paris-Orly, France.

Leased a Srs.523FJ from European Aircharter Ltd which entered service on 31Mar96 on a twice daily schedule between Toulouse and Gatwick.  For a short period in Jul96 the aircraft was replaced by a Srs.530FX from the same source while its own aircraft underwent maintenance.  The lease terminated after operating the last service on 20Sep96.

G-AXLL  193   G-AYOP  233

Air Memphis, Inc. (  ),  Cairo, Egypt.

By the end of Apr00, this company was operating Srs.561RCs leased from Romavia on charter flights within Egypt and to Eastern Mediterranean destinations.

YR-BRH  408   YR-BRI  409

Air Nostrum, Lineas Aéreas del Mediterráneo, S.A.,(YW,IB),   Valencia, Spain.

From Nov99 a Srs.518FG of British World Airlines Ltd was based in Zaragosa to operate daily schedules to Madrid and a Monday to Friday schedule to Frankfurt on behalf of Iberia by this carrier.  The aircraft additionally operated a daily rotation from Madrid to Nice until 25Mar00 when this was replaced by a Madrid to Turin rotation.  The dedicated aircraft was replaced by other One-Elevens from the British World fleet for short periods until the contract ended on 15May00.

G-OBWD  203

Air Patagonia.  (  ),   Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Formed as a subsidiary of Austral Lineas Aéreas to operate the parent company's Srs.518FG on freight, small package and mail services both within Argentina and to nearby South American countries with delivery on 04Aug95.  After initial crew training, only one revenue charter flight was flown from Aeroparque to Ezeiza, Resistencia, Jujuy and Salta carrying newspapers on 20Jan96 before returning to Aeroparque.  The aircraft was then stored until sold to European Aviation Ltd in Jun96.

LV-MEX  200

Albarka Air Services, Ltd. (AA),   Abuja & Maiduguri, Nigeria.

Obtained a Srs.520FN and a Srs.518FG formerly operated by British World Airlines together with an executively configured Srs.401AK in Feb00.  A Srs.525FT was added in late Jul00.  Schedules, which commenced on 23Mar00, were flown from Maiduguri to Lagos via Kano or Yola and Abuja as well as a Lagos to Port Harcourt route. Sokoto was an added destination with effect from 11Aug00.  The type was withdrawn on 09May02 after it had been grounded by the Nigerian CAA.

5N-BBP  202   5N-BBQ  230   5N-BBU  252   5N-MBM  068

Aquiline International Corp,   see  Trast-Aero Ltd/Aquiline International Corp.

Astanair. (A7),   Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan.

Leased two Srs.528FLs from JARO International SA with effect from Nov97, the aircraft being operated on the company's behalf by Diamond Air of Switzerland.  Apart from charter work, schedules were also flown from Almaty to Astana and Kzyl-Orda.  By Aug00 the type was no longer in use.

YR-JBA  234   YR-JBB  238

Balkh Airlines. (  ),   Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan.

A Srs.201AC was painted in this company's colour scheme in Mar96 and del in early Apr96 for ad hoc charter work.  It was withdrawn from use on 24Nov96.  The aircraft was leased to Rwanda Airlines from early Jan98.

EL-ALD  011   YA-GAG  011

Berkut Air, LLC, (  ),   Almaty, Kazakstan.

By Dec01 this company was operating a Srs.401AK with ‘Berkut Air’ titles and was noted as such at Dubai.  By Jul05 the aircraft had been withdrawn.

UN-B1111 078

Bouraq Indonesia Airlines, P.T. (BO),  Jakarta, Indonesia.

Operated a Srs.401AK from 1995 on its schedules including the route from Jakarta to Banjarmasin.  Later in the same year the aircraft was painted in the company’s full colour scheme but the aircraft had been withdrawn by Aug96.

PK-PJF  065

Business Jet Access.  -   see Business Jet Services, Ltd.

Business Jet Services, Ltd.  (  ),   Dallas, Texas & Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

By 2003 was offering three luxuriously appointed Stage 3 hush-kitted One-Elevens for executive charter work.  These comprised a Srs.410AQ, a Srs.419EP and a Srs.410AK fitted with 20, 30 and 21 passenger interiors respectively.  By late 2006 this company was renamed Business Jet Access and was only operating the Srs.419EP in a 30 seat executive configuration, the Srs.410AQ having been withdrawn in late Mar02 and the Srs.401AK sold in Dec03.  This is the last corporate One-Eleven operational in the USA and was still active in Jun11.

N17MK   054  N325V   086  N999BW  120

Care Airlines, (Pty) Ltd.  -   see  Nationwide Air Charter (Pty) Ltd.

Chanchangi Airlines, Ltd. (3U),   Kaduna, Nigeria.

Took delivery of two ex European Aircharter Srs.510EDs in Dec00 to operate on its domestic schedules within Nigeria.  The aircraft were fitted in a luxury 68 business class and 8 tourist seat configuration in a two-aisle-two layout. The aircraft were operated over the routes from Lagos to Calabar, Kaduna and Port Harcourt.  The type was withdrawn on 09May02 after it had been grounded by the Nigerian CAA.  One of the aircraft was sold in Mar08.

5N-BCG  141   5N-BCH  140

Chrome Air Services, Ltd. (  ),   Lagos, Nigeria.

Purchased a Srs.487GK pure freighter and a Srs.525FT passenger aircraft from TAROM in Apr and Mar99 respectively.  The aircraft were used for ad hoc charter work.  The type was withdrawn on 09May02 after it had been grounded by the Nigerian CAA though it has been reported that the Srs.525FT was returned to service as a pure freighter early in 2003 while the Srs.487GK was returned to TAROM in Jul02.

5N-SEO  267   5N-UJC  255

Citra Aviation, P.T., (  ),   Jakarta, Indonesia.

This organisation obtained a Srs.401AK in 1994 which was stripped out as a pure freighter for domestic operations.  It was withdrawn from use the following year but was operated again in 2000 & 2001.

PK-PJF  065

Cityflyer Express, Ltd., (FD/BA),   London-Gatwick, England.

Leased a Srs.510ED from European Aircharter Ltd from late Mar97 to 07Apr97 to operate the four times daily schedule between Gatwick and Dublin pending delivery of its first BAe RJ100.  A Srs.510ED of European Aircharter was used as a standby aircraft at Gatwick from Oct97 to Jul98.

G-AVMZ  153

CityJet, Ltd.,(WX),   Dublin, Eire.

Leased European Aircharter Ltd One-Elevens from 08Jan to 27Jan98 for use on the company's Dublin to Paris schedule.  A Srs.518FG was leased from British World Airlines Ltd at the end of Mar99 for operation on the carrier's own schedules from Dublin to Faro and Malaga and on behalf of Air France from Dublin to Paris.

G-OBWD  203

Comet Airlines, Ltd.,(  ),   Lagos, Nigeria.

Was due to take delivery of a former TAROM Srs.525FT late in 2000 but nothing further has been reported of this carrier. The aircraft remained in store at Bucharest-Otopeni until sold on.

5N-     253

Compagnie Africaine d’Aviation – CAA.,(E9),   Kinshasa, DRC.

This organisation purchased ITAB’s Srs.537GF in Aug06 for use as a back-up aircraft for this carrier’s flights between Kinshasa and Lubumbashi.  On 08Mar08 it was permanently withdrawn from use.

9Q-CDY  261

Congo Airlines.  -   see  Express City, S.P.R.L.

COSOB Airline.  -   see  OSOB Airline.

Debonair, Ltd.,(2G),   Luton, Bedfordshire, England.

Leased a Srs.520FN from British World Airlines Ltd from early Apr to mid May98. From 01Jun99 a 94 seat Srs.530FX was leased from European Aviation Ltd in full Debonair colours to operate a single daily rotation from Luton to Madrid. A daily Rome rotation was added from mid Jul to early Sep99.  A Srs.501EX was earlier leased from the same source in EAL c/s from 15May99 for the Madrid schedule.  Debonair ceased operations on 01Oct99, the One-Eleven being returned to EAC one day earlier.

G-AWYV  178   G-AYOP  233   G-OBWC  230

Defence Evaluation and Research Agency - DERA.

The United Kingdom Defence Research Agency was renamed with the above title with effect from 01Apr97 and again QinetiQ from 02Jul01.  Full details can be found under QinetiQ plc.

Delta Air Transport, N.V.  -   see  SABENA.

DERA.  -  see  Defence Evaluation and Research Agency - DERA.

Djibouti Airlines., (D8),  Djibouti, Republic of Djibouti.

Took delivery of a Srs.525FT on lease from Trast-Aero Inc on 18Apr08 in a 104 seat all tourist configuration.  It operated the aircraft on schedules to Dubai, Ethiopia, Somalia and Yemen.  The aircraft was returned to the lessor in early Jun08.

EX-086   253

EAS Airlines.  -   see  Executive Airline Services, Ltd - EAS

East Wing, JSC.  -   see  GST AERO Aircompany.

easyJet Airlines, Co. Ltd.,(U2),   Luton, Bedfordshire, UK.

From 01May97, European Aircharter Ltd Srs.510EDs were leased to operate up to ten sectors per day on the company's schedules between Luton and Glasgow.  Various aircraft were used to fulfill this contract which was completed in Jul97.

Emerald European Airways, Ltd.,(YE),   Belfast, Northern Ireland.

A joint venture between European Aviation Ltd and Emerald Air, this carrier commenced twice daily scheduled services between Belfast International and Luton on 15Dec94 with European Aviation owned Srs.510EDs.  European Aviation Ltd withdrew its support from the airline and service was suspended after operating the last service on 06Jun95.  Any available Srs.510ED of European Aircharter Ltd was used to operate these services.

Euroscot Express. Ltd.,(MY),   Bournemouth, Dorset, UK.

Commenced a once daily scheduled service between Hurn and Glasgow on 22Sep97 with a leased European Aircharter Ltd Srs.510ED in full Euroscot Express colour scheme.  Configured with a 104 seat all tourist cabin, the aircraft inaugurated a second route between Hurn and Edinburgh on 26Sep97 which operated on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The dedicated aircraft was replaced by any available aircraft from the European Aircharter fleet from 12Jul98 and the One-Eleven replaced by an ATR-72 from 17Aug98.

G-AVMT  147

Executive Airline Services, Ltd. – EAS Airlines.,(  ),   Lagos, Nigeria.

Purchased two Srs.501EXs in late September 1998 the first of which was delivered in early Oct98 and the second in early Jan99.  In Mar99 a Srs.561RC was added with the first of two Srs.525FTs ordered from TAROM being del in Jan00, the second following in Jul01.  The aircraft were operated in a 12F, 84Y configuration. The company operated scheduled services from Lagos to Abuja, Enugu and Port Harcourt as EAS Airlines.  Early in 2000 Jos, Kano and Kaduna were added to the route network while Calabar and Owerri were added at a later date.  The type was withdrawn on 09May02 after it had been grounded by the Nigerian CAA.

5N-ESA  174   5N-ESB  175   5N-ESD  402   5N-ESE  254   5N-ESF  266

Express City, S.P.R.L.,(EO),   Kinshasa, Congo Republic.

Purchased three Srs.501EXs from British Airways plc through Cargostar Ltd in Oct, Nov and Dec94.  The aircraft were used  on domestic schedules linking Kinshasa with destinations including Beni, Bukavu, Bunia, Gbadolite, Gemena, Goma, Isiro, Kananga, Kindu, Kisangani, Lubumbashi, Mbandaka and Mbuji-Mayi.  By the end of 1996 it would seem that the fleet had been withdrawn from front line service.  The company name was changed to Congo Airlines in 1997 after Zaire changed its name and later to Hewa Bora Airways.

9Q-CKI  177   9Q-CKP  191   9Q-CKY  176

Fassey Royal, Ltd., (  ),   Lagos, Nigeria.

Took delivery of a Srs.203AE in Jun96.  Domestic schedules were flown in Nigeria but operations had ceased by Mar98.

5N-FSY  017

Fly European Airlines, AB., (E7),   Stockholm-Skavsta, Sweden.

Commenced a twice daily Monday to Friday schedule between Stockholm-Skavsta and Malmö-Stirrup on 08May00.  A single frequency was also flown on Sundays.  Two Srs.510EDs were leased from European Aircharter Ltd to operate these services in basic European colour scheme with Fly European titles and emblem on a red fin.  The company ceased operations after operating its last service on 09Jul00.

G-AVMT  147   G-AVMZ  153

GST AERO Aircompany. (  ),   Almaty, Kazakstan,

In late Dec05 this organisation took delivery of a Srs.401AK. By Jan07, when this aircraft was noted active in Dubai, the company had changed its name to East Wing, JSC.  It is believed the aircraft is withdrawn from use.

UN-B1111 078 UP-BA111 078

Horizon Air Inc., (QX),   Seattle, Washington, USA.

Leased two Srs.401AKs from Cascade Airways Inc from Jan/Mar86.

N217CA  063   N218CA  089

Indonesia Air Transport, P.T., (  ),   Jakarta, Indonesia.

Took delivery of a Srs.492GM in Dec94, a Srs.488GH in Feb96, a Srs.422EQ in Jul97 and a Srs.423ET in Apr98.  The aircraft were used on worldwide charter flights in executive configurations.  The Srs.488GH was disposed of in Oct98 and the Srs.422EQ in May00 while one of the last two aircraft was last reported active in Aug03.

PK-TAL  259   PK-TRU  262   PK-TSR  126   PK-TST  118

International Trans Air Business – ITAB., (  ),   Lubumbashi, Congo Democratic Republic.

Purchased a Srs.201AC from Shabair in Jan96.  The aircraft was disposed of in mid Mar98.  See also Air Katanga which may well be one and the same company.

9Q-CSJ  013

Jersey European Airways, Ltd.,(JY),   Exeter, Devon, UK.

From 15Jul96 to 26Oct96 a Srs.510ED was leased from European Aircharter Ltd to operate a four times weekly schedule from Stansted to Belfast International together with a joint Air UK/Jersey European once daily schedule between Amsterdam and Belfast International.  Different Srs.510EDs of European were rotated on this contract.  With effect from 22Mar97 a Srs.510ED in full JEA colour scheme and in a 96 seat two class layout was leased from European Aircharter Ltd to operate the company's four times daily schedule between Stansted and Belfast International.  Initially due to run until the end of Oct97, the contract was later extended to the end Oct98.  From 06Sep98 the aircraft was based at Lyon and operated Air France's thrice daily Monday to Friday and twice daily weekend schedules to Heathrow.  This contract ended on 24Oct98 and the aircraft was returned to European Aircharter Ltd.

G-AVMK  139

JetEX Express Flight Support.    See Jetline, Inc.

Jetline, Inc., (  ),    Ras al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates and Bucharest-Băneasa, Romania.

This organisation operated on behalf of the Community of Sahel-Sahara operating corporate flights throughout Africa and the Middle East.  Its first aircraft, two Srs.401AKs, were delivered in Jun and Dec 2001.  In Mar03 a Srs.492GM was added while the company’s first Stage 3 hush-kitted aircraft, a Srs.401AK was added in December enabling operations to be expanded into Europe.  A sixth aircraft, a Srs.401AK was delivered in August 2003 but remained in store.  In early 2005 the company was renamed as JetEX Express Flight Support with the operational side trading as S.C.MIA Airlines, S.R.L.  Although headquartered in Dubai, the centre of operations was located at Bucharest-Băneasa, Romania.  In Jun95 the Srs.492GM was Stage 3 hush-kitted while a Srs.488GH was added to the fleet at the end of Jan06 and a further Stage 3 hush-kitted Srs.401AK added in early Mar06.  One of the Stage 3 equipped Srs.401AKs was transferred to Tombouctou Aviation with effect from Apr07 followed by the Srs.492GM in Jul08 and the Srs.488GH in Jun09 leaving Jetline with no operational One-Elevens.

HR-ATS  260   P4-CBH  088   P4-JLB  260   VP-CCG  081   VP-CJL  086  VP-CLM  072   YR-CJL  086   YR-HRS  259   YR-MIA  260   3C-QRF  061

Libyan Arab Airlines. (LN),   Tripoli, Libya.

Obtained a Srs.414EG in Jun03 though for what use is unknown at this time.

C5-LKI  158   5A-DDQ  158

Líneas Aéreas Privadas Argentinas, S.A.(LAPA). (MJ),   Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In 1983 this company was in advanced negotiations for the purchase of BAe 146 aircraft.  As part of the proposed deal LAPA was due to take delivery of two Srs.416EK One-Elevens with c/ns 129 and 131 pending delivery of the new aircraft.  These negotiations were not finalised.

Mali Governmet.   See Tombouctou Aviation.

Maersk Air, I/S.,(DM),   Copenhagen, Denmark.

Leased a Srs.408EF and a Srs.401AK at different times from Maersk Air Ltd from 31Jul95.  They were used to operate twice daily schedules between Billund and Frankfurt, releasing a Fokker 50 for operation by Maersk Air Ltd for use on their Birmingham to Stuttgart schedule while runway work was being carried out in Stuttgart.  The aircraft exchange was extended until the end of the summer season when Boeing 737-500s replaced the One-Eleven on the Frankfurt route.  The last flight took place on 28Oct95 as DM164 from Frankfurt to Billund with G-BBMG.

G-BBME  066   G-BBMG  115

MIA Airlines.    See Jetline, Inc.

Northrop Grumman Corporation.

Took over the two research Srs.401AKs of Westinghouse Electric Corporation in Mar96.  Both aircraft have been extensively modified with extended radar noses etc and have been used for much research flying.  A third Srs.401AK was obtained in May01 and after extensive modifications, including a new extended nose, joined the other two aeroplanes in various programmes in Oct02.

N161NG  067   N162W  087   N164W  090

Orient Eagle Aviation, A.V.V.,(4R),   Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Obtained one Srs.401AK early in 1999 which was used on scheduled services between Almaty and Astana together with charter flights throughout Europe and the Middle East but had been sold by Dec01.

UN-B1111  078

OSOB Airline, (  ),   Mogadishu & Hargeisa, Somalia.

By May09 a Srs.525FT and a Srs.561RC were being utilised by this carrier on routes from its home base to Nairobi, Berbera and Dubai without titles but it is not known how long this operation continued.  It would seem that it had ended by Oct09.  This carrier was also marketed as COSOB Airline.

EX-086  253   EX-103  403

Palair Macedonian Airlines, (3D),   Skopje, Macedonia.

By Dec95 a Srs.528FL of JARO International SA was being leased by this operator for schedules between Skopje and Munich.  By Feb96 further scheduled destinations added from Skopje were Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Istanbul, Rome and Stuttgart while Ohrid was served from Hamburg.  Added destinations from Skopje in summer 1996 were Amsterdam, Düsseldorf and Vienna while Amsterdam was served from Ohrid.  Both of JARO's aircraft were used.  By Jan97 the company had reportedly ceased operations.

YR-JBA  234   YR-JBB  238

QinetiQ, plc.    Boscombe Down, Wiltshire, UK.

The Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA) was split into two organisations in Jul01.  These were the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory at Porton Down and Qinetiq based at Boscombe Down.  It was the latter which became a plc in Feb06 which continued to operate the One-Elevens and that of the Empire Test Pilots’ School.  The Srs.201AC was withdrawn from use on 05Jun03.  One of the two Srs.479FUs was retired in Nov08 while the other that with the Empire Test Pilots’ School in Nov09 leaving the organisation with a single Srs.539GL.

XX105   008   ZE432   250   ZE433   245   ZH763   263

Red Sea Air, (7R),   Asmara, Eritrea.

A Srs.528FL of JARO International SA was noted operating with this company's titles added from Dec98.  Schedules were flown from Asmara and Assab to Dubai and San'a and from Asmara to Jeddah with the aircraft in a two class config-uration.  Both JARO International aircraft were used at different times.  By mid April 2000 the One-Elevens had been replaced by Yak 42s.

YR-JBA  234   YR-JBB  238

Rwanda Airlines, (9R),   Kigali, Rwanda.

Leased a Srs.201AC from Balkh Airlines from 09Jan to 15Mar98 and again by Oct99. Schedules were flown from Bujumbura (Burundi) to Kigali and Nairobi.  The aircraft was also flown on behalf of the Rwandan Government in a corporate rôle until withdrawn in Aug00.

YA-GAG  011   9XR-RA  011

SABENA - (Société Anonyme Belge d'Exploitation de la Navigation Aérienne, NV), (SN),   Brussels, Belgium.

Leased two Srs.510EDs from European Aircharter Ltd through Delta Air Transport N.V. which entered service on 26Mar95 on scheduled routes from Brussels to Amsterdam, Bordeaux, Edinburgh and Glasgow in a 94 seat all tourist configuration, this being later reduced to 84 seats.  Later in the summer, Bordeaux was replaced by Strasbourg on the network.  On the same day a Srs.518FG was leased from British World Airlines Ltd to operate on schedules from Brussels to Copenhagen, Bordeaux and Marseille.  Later this aircraft was exclusively employed on Copenhagen schedules.  A Srs.520FN alternated with this aircraft to operate this contract. This lease was also arranged through Delta Air Transport N.V.  Both contracts were due to run until 28Oct95 but were subsequently renewed.  The British World contract ended with the last flight taking place on 16Dec95 though one of the aircraft was used again for two weeks in Apr96.  From Oct95 a third Srs.510ED was leased from European Aircharter Ltd with a fourth aircraft used as a back up.  From 31Dec95 only one aircraft remained in use until the last flight took place on 29Jun96.  In 1998 an agreement was made with Nationwide Air (Pty) Ltd to code share that company's flights from Cape Town, George and Durban to connect with SABENA's three weekly flights from Johannesburg to Brussels.  The One-Elevens used were initially painted with both companies titles but were later amended to carry small SABENA titles on the lower forward fuselage.  Frequencies from Brussels to Johannesburg were increased to daily from the end of March 1999.  SABENA withdrew its South African schedules in early 2001 and the contract with Nationwide was terminated.

G-AVMI  137   G-AVMK  139   G-AVML  140   G-AVMY  152   G-OBWC  230   G-OBWD  203

Savannah Airlines, Ltd., (  ),   Maidugurai, Nigeria.

Purchased a Srs.523FJ and a Srs.530FX from European Aviation in Nov01.  The aircraft were operated in a 12F 84Y configuration.  One aircraft was reportedly damaged beyond repair on the ground in Mar02.  The type was withdrawn on 09May02 after it had been grounded by the Nigerian CAA.

5N-BDU  193  5N-BDV  233

SCAT Air Company, (DV),  Almaty, Kazakhstan.

This company leased a Srs.525FT and a Srs.561RC from 06Feb07 for service on their scheduled network.  Domestic points served were Aktau, Aktyubinsk, Almaty, Atyrau, Kostonay and Taraz.  Internationally Moscow was served from Almaty and Taraz, St Petersburg from Astana, Baku (Azerbaijan) from Atyrau and Dushanbe (Tajikstan) from Almaty.  The aircraft were returned to their owner in early Feb08.

EX-086  253   EX-103  403

Tikal Jets Airlines, S.A.,(TJ/A5/WU),   Guatemala City, Guatemala.

This company took delivery of two Srs.401AKs in Jun94 and Aug96.  Service was inaugurated with the type on 25Jun94.  Scheduled passenger services were flown from the home base to Flores Peten (tourist destination for the Tikal Mayan ruins) while passenger charter flights were flown to Cancun and Acapulco in Mexico, Havana in Cuba and to other Caribbean destinations.  Operations ceased on 02Feb98.  The company was re-launched after refinancing on 15Oct98.  Service was restarted on 19Dec98 with one of the One-Elevens.  From Jan00 the company was marketed as Aero Guatemala, adopting a new colour scheme and the new flight prefix A5 for a short while.  From 03Sep01 San Pedro Sula (Honduras) was added to the schedules with a six times weekly service from Guatemala City.  The aircraft were operated in a 79 seat two class configuration.  The type was finally withdrawn from use on 21Apr03.

TG-TJF  089   TG-TJK  063

Tombouctou Aviation Company.  (  ),   Bamoko, Mali & Tripoli, Libya.

Obtained a Stage 3 hush-kitted Srs.401AK in mid Apr07 from MIA Airlines of Romania for use in the corporate role.  Two further Stage 3 hush-kitted aircraft were later added from the same source, a Srs.492GM in Jul08 and a Srs.488GH in Jun09.  By Jun10 the two Series 475s were based at Tripoli Mitiga and the third aircraft at Bamako and operated executive charter flights throughout Africa.

TZ-BSA  260  TZ-BSB  086   TZ-BSC  259  YR-MIA  260

Transaviaservice.  (  ),   Sharjah, UAE.

A Srs.561RC was prepared for operations by this carrier in Jan10 for operations out of Sharjah but nothing apparently came of it.

4L-BAS  403

Transkei Airways Corporation, (KV),   Umtata, Transkei, South Africa.

From early 1995 One-Eleven 500s of Nationwide Air Charter (Pty) Ltd were leased to operate a six times weekly schedule between Johannesburg and Umtata and later a twice daily schedule between Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth.  The operations were relatively short lived after loads failed to reach expectations.

Trast-Aero, Ltd/Aquiline International Corp, (  ),   Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan and Sharjah Airport, UAE.

Took delivery of a Srs.525FT in late Apr06 and a Srs.561RC in Sep06 both from Romavia for ad hoc charter work.  A Srs.510ED was delivered in early Mar08 after long time storage in Nigeria for spares recovery only. In late Nov06 one was based at Manas International airport at Bishkek carrying out charter flights in Eastern Europe and Asia and the other in Ras-Al-Khaimah performing charter flights to Gheshm Island, Iran in the Straits of Hormuz.  From 06Feb07 to early Feb08 both aircraft were operated on behalf of SCAT Air Company of Kazakhstan on their scheduled network.  The Srs.525FT was leased to Djibouti Airlines from 18Apr08 until early Jun08 and by OSOB Airlines of Somalia by May09 but had been withdrawn from use by the end of the year.  It finally ferried to Riyadh for use as an instructional airframe in early 2010.  The Srs.561RC had been prepared for lease to Transaviaservice of Georgia for operations out of Sharjah but nothing apparently came of this and it was broken-up in Jan10.  It would appear that the Srs.510ED never entered service.

EX-086  253   EX-103  403   EX-215  141

Wimbi Dira Airways. (9C),  Kinshasa-Ndjili, Democratic Republic of Congo.

From 01Apr05 commenced twice weekly schedules between Lubumbashi and Johannesburg with a Srs.537GF of ITAB/Air Katanga but this was short lived.

9Q-CDY  261

Zimbabwe Express Airlines, Ltd.,(Z7),  Harare, Zimbabwe.

In May and Jun97 a One-Eleven was used on this company's schedules between Harare and Bulawayo (14 weekly) and Harare and Victoria Falls (4 weekly).  The aircraft was leased from Nationwide Air (Pty) Ltd.









Series 200



ADC Airlines

62,050 hours
80,672 landings

Series 300




52,436 hours
58,371 landings

Series 400



Nationwide Air
Nationwide Air

50,844 hours
51,869 landings

Series 475



Air Malawi
Mediterranean Exp

32,503 hours
29,218 landings

Series 500



British World
European Aviation

64,592 hours
54,058 landings







Series 200



Series 300



Series 400



Series 475



Series 500 3,707,554 3,215,749

Grand Total




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