1972 to 1974


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Stewart Lumber Company 1-11 Series 203AE N5LC at Hurn in 1972 - This aircraft was originally Braniff's first 1-11 N1541

A perfect air to air shot of Air Malawi's series 475 7Q-YKF taken prior to delivery in January 1972

A stunning air to air shot of DQ-FBQ taken during a pre-delivery test flight above Southern England in February 1972

DQ-FBQ on the ground once again having just landed on runway 26 at Hurn - February 1972

AN-BBI returned to Hurn on the 31st January 1972 for repairs to interior damage caused by a hijack attempt. It was subsequently sold

Cambrian Airways 1-11 G-AVOF parked on the Western Apron at Hurn during a visit in 1972

Former American Airlines series 401AK arrived at Hurn on the 29th January 1972 and was prepared for Orientair as G-AZMI - It wasn't delivered

G-AZMF awaits delivery to BCAL at Hurn on the 14th march 1972

D-AMAM being prepared for delivery at Hurn to Germanair in May 1972

Leeward Islands Air Transport 1-11 VP-LAN prepares to depart from Hurn to Luton on 20th June 1972 on lease from Court Line

Final preparations take place outside the Hurn production line hangar for the long delivery flight of PP-SDS to Brasil in September 1972

Final delivery checks take place on LACSA 1-11 TI-1095C at Hurn before delivery on the 6th November 1972 - It seems there's a distraction?

After several owners BAC finally sold this 1-11 to Quebecair as CF-QBR. It's seen here about to leave Hurn on the 12th March 1973

A "Classic" scene at Heathrow with an "equally classic" aircraft in front of the "Queens Building". A12-124 of the RAAF during a visit in 1973

XX105 being prepared for delivery to the Blind Landing Experimental Unit (BLEU) at Hurn early in 1973. This was previously G-ASJD

And finally airborne on the 26th March 1973

Having started life as G-AXLL with BMA, this 1-11 is seen carrying out engine runs before delivery to Transbrasil as PP-SDT from Hurn on the 4th May 1973

Having flown in many different liveries BAC finally sold cn 166 PK-PJC to Pelita Air Service. Final checks are made at Hurn prior to its delivery on 15th May 1973

Another "exotic" colour scheme. With G-AXLN taped on she's almost ready to depart as PP-SDU on the 8th November 1973

The "resident" 1-11 G-ASYD sits in the sun at Hurn ready to depart to Waterbeach for rough field trials

A rather tatty looking G-AWKJ on the engine test bay at Hurn being readied for a return to service after a long period of storage

The same aircraft a few months later resplendent in its new livery and registration G-BIII before being delivered to Air Hanson on the 18 February 1974

Now this aircraft really did get around! G-AXBB cn162 going through final checks before departing Hurn for its new home in Bahrain in February 1974

The last of the former BMA 1-11s to be delivered to Transbrasil was G-AXLM. It departed from Hurn as PP-SDV on the 11th April 1974

Take off from Hurn on the 11th April 1974

PP-SRT returned to Hurn on the 30th May 1974 for onward sale to Carver Aero as an Executive aircraft

Former American Airlines 1-11 N5021 being prepared for a Corporate operator at Hurn during May 1974

CN091 returned to Hurn in February 1972 and was sold to the RAE as XX919. It is ready for delivery in May 1974

G-ASYD in yet another new guise! Now a 475 "hushkit" prototype the aircraft poses for the camera in June 1974

Now a "standard" angle for publicity photos taken by BAC at Hurn. Another angle on G-ASYD with hushkit

Philippine Airlines about to take delivery of yet another 1-11. RP-C1182 about to be delivered to Manila on the 14th June 1974

"Rotate" RP-C1182 gets airborne from runway 26 on the 14th June 1974

1-11 cn 066 G-BBME on the Hurn production line after a long period of storage. It was delivered to British Airways in the summer of 74

Final engine runs before a taking to the air again

Having been retained by BAC as G-AZUK, Faucett's second 1-11 475 was eventually delivered to the company from Hurn in July 1974

N18813 cn126 was rolled out of the Hurn hangar on the 9th October 1974. It was delivered to carver Aero on the 11 November 1974

The Sultan of Oman's Air Force bought three 475 from BAC. The first is ready for delivery from Hurn in December 1974

1001 gets airborne on delivery to Muscat Seeb on the 18th December 1974. It returned in 1975 for fitment of a maindeck forward cargo door


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