1962 to 1965


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1-11 Fuselage Hurn 22 Nov 1962

G-ASHG 1-11 Prototype Final assembly Hurn Jul 1963

G-ASHG Rollout Hurn 28 Jul 1963

G-ASHG In flight 4 Oct 1963

G-ASHG Landing Hurn 1963

G-ASJA On the production line Hurn 1963 - Can you see yourself?

G-ASJB Production Line Hurn Feb 1964

G-ASJC Production Line Hurn Mar 1964

G-ASJA G-ASJB On the Wisley ramp 1964

G-ASJE Getting airborne from the Wisley flight test centre 1964

N1541 with Braniff Stewardesses promoting the pending first delivery at Hurn Jun 1964

N1541 in flight 1964

G-ASJA, ASJC, ASJE, N1541 A famous line up at the Wisley flight test centre 13 Jun 1964

G-ASJD Engine testing at Hurn Jul 1964

G-ASJD Climbs away from Wisley 1964

G-ASJE powers away at Farnborough Airshow Sep 1964

EI-ANE Rollout Hurn 27 Mar 1965

EI-ANE Aer Lingus girls promoting the airline's new 1-11 at Hurn 27 Mar 1965

EI-ANE Gleaming in the afternoon sunshine at Hurn 27 Mar 1965

Upstaging the Irish! - N2111J Rollout ceremony Hurn 27 Mar 1965

N2111J Rollout ceremony Hurn 27 Mar 1965

The best of British x two N2111J with a VIP after its rollout Mar 1965

G-ASYD 400 series prototype and another classic car! The 301st Short haul turbine powered Airliner built at Hurn 13 Jul 1965

G-ASYD With a very shiny bare metal finish getting airborne from Wisley during the summer of 1965

G-ASYD And up go the wheels!

G-ASYE series 400 2nd prototype and development aircraft Wisley Nov 1965

G-ASYE During its sales tour Dec 1965 - Anyone know where this is?

G-ASYE Gatwick after returning from its second sales tour 8 Mar 1966

N5015 First flight Hurn 4 Nov 1965


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